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– A Hawza university aiming to disseminate the conscious and moderate specialized Islamic discourse, characterized by the depth, authenticity, and renewal of the revered Najaf Hawza.
– Hawza curricula are taught in a modern style that preserves authenticity and depth while presenting sciences with a methodology aligned with university academic standards. Our goal is to cultivate a cadre capable of carrying a jurisprudential, doctrinal, and even religious discourse that accommodates everyone, understands others, and does not exclude anyone. These are traits long enjoyed by the discourse of the Najaf Hawza, which through this teaching methodology aims to extend beyond this holy city to reach the ears of the world through the pioneers and graduates of this university.
– The study is conducted (online) rather than in-person. The curricula and study materials are prepared by specialized professors and taught by competent professors in the Najaf Hawza, overseen by the university’s administrative staff who are distinguished scholars of the Najaf Hawza.
– The university offers a 4-year program leading to a university degree that enjoys the highest recognition among scholarly Hawzas.
– The university is sponsored by the highest religious authority in Najaf and is under the general supervision of His Eminence Sayyid Ahmed Al-Husseini Al-Ashkouri.

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